The people behind Modern Birdhouses

Dail Dixon
Dail Dixon is a practicing architect and a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects. He received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Clemson University and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina. Examples of his work can be seen at His office is located in the Carrboro - Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. Dail has been recognized with design awards from both the North Carolina and South Atlantic regions of the American Institute of Architects. In addition to his architectural practice, Dail teaches design studios at NC State University. He also maintains a wood shop where he produces one-of-a-kind portrait birdhouses, which are included in private collections and were displayed at the Duke University Museum of Art in 2003.

Fred Dixon

Like father, like son... pictured at left is Fred Dixon, Dail's father, at the 1925 North Carolina State Fair. The birdhouse that resembles a log cabin won the "Bird Box Prize," awarded by Edith Vanderbilt, whose name is on the trophy. Legend has it that Edith took the birdhouse back to Biltmore Estate (near Asheville, NC), where it was installed.

Dail still has the trophy.

Nathan Wieler
Nathan Wieler is the Founder and Managing Partner of WIELER. WIELER is a developer of architect-designed modern prefab homes, like the Rapson Greenbelt, designed by original Case Study architect Ralph Rapson. Nathan is also the owner of The Dwell Home. For those that aren't quite ready for a modern prefab home, a Modern Birdhouse is a great stepping stone to allow you and the birds around you to enjoy great modern architecture and design every day.